Living in Vision: Envisioning Love

2020 has arrived. It is a new calendar year. A new calendar decade. And We need you consciously, fully, and fabulously engaged. We need your love.

Did you write your resolutions? Maybe you are feeling bad because you should have been put together a vision board and/or a vision statement. Maybe you are not even thinking about vision or vision boards or vision statements. Whether you do yearly resolutions or not; Whether you are one of those vision board people or not; Whether you have written a vision/mission statement or not; YOU ARE LIVING YOUR VISION & YOUR VISION IS LIVING IN YOU. Already. Right Now. We are immersed. Totally and completely. Our lives are already vision statements. Panoramic 3d immersion vision boards.

Stop, look, and listen. Feel. And smell. Taste. Your vision is already filling you and surrounding you. You are already thinking vision, speaking vision, and doing vision.

On what are you spending time, money, and energy? What do you see around you? What do you see in your mirror? What do you wear? What is on your walls? What do you see when you wake up in the morning? Just before you close your eyes at night? How do you adorn yourself? Treat yourself? Reward yourself? What do your social media profiles show? Who do you follow? About what do you share? What is on your virtual walls? What are you watching and reading? To whom are you talking and about what? To what are you listening? Where do you go? What are you feeding yourself? What are your sources of nourishment? Is your mental, physical, emotional diet good to you and good for you? What do you smell? Is it sweet, stimulating, relaxing, inspiring? When and where do you smell success? Taste victory? Feel the wins?

Official wrtten vision statement or not… Official vision board or not… The seeds of Our visions are there. Here. All around Us. Our lives are living love letters. The fruits of Our energetic labor are here and there, too. Our lives are Ours to cultivate. To weed and seed and nurture. How can you become more conscious of your personal garden? What can you gather about your vision from your life? Right now? How can you envision LOVE? How can you shape your garden, shape your vision, shape Our world?

We need your energy and vision. We need your voice. We need your love. We need concious you in 2020 and beyond.

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