Today is the best day ever. Trust and believe.

You are the greatest. Trust and believe.

It’s all GOoD. Trust. And believe.

So. How do I know this? How can I assert theses things? We don’t even know each other. (Or, we barely know each other. Or we know each other well; but–still–what makes me think I can know those things?) I just know, ok? I trust and believe.

And that is really all I got: trust. I trust God. I trust that God is good (GOoD). I trust me. So I believe that GOoD is in me, everyone, and every situation. I believe that all of my experiences are blessons (blessings & lessons). And I believe that I can handle whatever. Dissapointment? I am strong enough. Falling down? I am resilient enough. Life with all its ups and downs? I have the support, guidance, and love of GOoD.

And you do too. If me, then you. We are connected. Joined. We are one. We reflect each other. So I know the truth for you. I know that GOoD is in, through, and for you. I know that all of your experiences are blessons. I know that you can not only handle all that you draw into your life, but that you are using your blessons to blossom and thrive. I know that each disappointment is a divine appointment; an opportunity to release expectations. I know that each time you fall, you delight in that occasion to see things in a new way. I know that you grow as you–with more and more ease–enjoy all of the ups and downs that are life; All of the ins and outs that are life; All of the back and forth that is life. I know you as you live life, you are full of and surrounded by the support, guidance, and love of GOoD.

I trust that we can thrive. We have excelled in the past. We are thriving now. We will continue with joy and excellence to prosper into the future. I trust that all conspires to help us (and our families and our communities) connect with GOoD. More deeply. With greater consciousness. Easier. More joyfully.

So. YES! Today is the best day ever. You are the greatest. It’s all GOoD. Trust and believe.

(Check out my last 2 videos (bFABu a2z & bFABu Fri) on this subject…)

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